How To Write Good Content for Your Campaign Website

When you are writing the content for your campaign website, keep in mind that you are writing for two audiences: potential voters and search engines. Writing for potential voters should come naturally. You are running for office for specific reasons. You have a campaign platform and communicating it on your website for voters to read is your first priority. It should be compelling, persuasive and polished.

But it should also be written in a format and manner that makes it easy for the search engines to read as well. We want your campaign website to move up the search engine ranks when voters in your district google relevant keywords and phrases.

As you plan out your website content, think of the possible search phrases and keywords that you feel should lead voters to your website. A good starting point is to target your name, geographic location and the office you are running for. As an example, a page title of Mary Smith for New Castle City Council satisfies the criteria. It tells the search engine crawlers that your website is about Mary Smith, who is running for the New Castle City Council. Therefore, when a voter is trying to find your campaign website and looks up Mary Smith in New Castle, your campaign website will have a greater chance of being found in the search engines.


We generally suggest that you write your homepage content in the third person. This gives you the opportunity to plug your name a few times in the content, which reenforces to the search engines that the website is about you.

Another factor of good content is the amount of content on your website. There is no authoritative answer to the question of how much content is the right amount. But all things held equal, search engines prefer more content to less. We suggest that you write at least 500 to 600 words of content for your homepage, issues pages and bio page. (That’s for each page, not combined!)

If you write too little content, it might not give the search engines enough information to accurately index your website. Plus, too little content might also indicate to voters that your platform is thin and under-developed.

Lastly, we suggest getting an editor to review and help draft your content. We have observed that political candidates are often strong orators but struggle with writing. A good editor can help you put your thoughts and platform into a strong written statement.