Custom Campaign Logo Design

A key part of running a successful campaign is to build a strong campaign identity. Your campaign logo should be recognizable, consistent and professional. It should support your campaign theme and help voters to connect and identify with you. A strong campaign logo will reenforce your campaign identity and build an important name awareness among voters.

Custom campaign logo and graphics package with My Campaign Page


Because we want you to have a professional campaign presence, all of our campaign website packages include a custom campaign logo design. Our design team will work with you directly to bring your vision to life. We also understand that many campaigns already have established branding and the best path forward is to keep the existing campaign logo for consistency purposes. In such cases we can certain incorporate your existing branding so that your campaign is able to capitalize on any existing name recognition and campaign identity.

  • Custom Campaign Logo Design
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Social Media Branding


The importance of your campaign logo and branding cannot be understated. Individuals often do not have the time to thoroughly research candidates and visitors to your website might only browse your pages and not spend much time studying your platform. A strong logo and professional branding can serve as a supplementary tool to communicate the foundation of your campaign. Your campaign logo and other branded materials can conceptually communicate your campaign theme to voters and help individuals understand the core principals of your campaign.

Our campaign logo design professional will work with you personally to develop the right logo and branding for your campaign. We’ll customize the font selection, text, graphics and imagery to build a strong identity for your campaign. Upon completion, you’ll receive all finalized branding files which can be applied on your print literature, social media, e-mail marketing, yard signs, clothing and more. Your custom campaign logo and branded graphics will ensure that your campaign is recognizable, consistent and professional across the board.

campaign logo and branding materials

campaign yard signage